SEZ "Khorgos-Eastern Gateway"

Global location

The special economic zone "Khorgos - Eastern Gateway" with area of 600 hectares and 4,500 hectares of land, which is in reserve, strategically located on the border between Kazakhstan and China in the territory of Kazakhstan. The SEZ is created to enhance the export-transit potential of Kazakhstan in the Eurasian region, the development of competencies in the field of global logistics, attraction of foreign investment.


Purposes of Creation

Creation of favourable investment climate and encouragement of domestic and foreign investments for implementation of export oriented investment projects;

Accelerated development of modern manufacturing and innovative technologies in the sector of the regional economy for imports phase-out;

Creation of jobs and improvement of local staff‘s professional skills.

Initiator of creation

“National Company “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC

Management of SEZ

“KTZ Express” JSC 


Operator of Dry Port

“KTZE - Khorgos Gateway”LLP

Basis for the Creation

Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Special Economic Zones” in the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated 21/07/2011, No.469-IV LRK

Presidential Decree “About Creation of SEZ “KHORGOS-EASTERN GATEWAY” dated 29/11/2011, No.187


Dry Port

Logistics zone

Production zone

Dry Port

A key element of the SEZ is a dry port, which contains several terminals for the handling from the narrow-gauge railway onto the broad-gauge one and road transport and is a developing multi-modal logistics hub, services of which represent a variety of cargo handling operations, such as carriages and container operations, transhipment, terminal processing, and additional logistic services.

Multimodal logistics zone

Logistics Zone is located in the area adjacent to the dry port / rail freight terminal. This facility includes various warehouses, base for distribution and storage are located in different areas in order to meet national, regional and international needs. The area zone is 225 hectares; volume of logistics space varies from 10 to 50 thousand square kilometres, depending on their function in the supply chain.

Production zone

The production zone will include end users of a number of industries, and in addition there will be the objects of the agricultural and food industry, light industry for the production of leather and fur raw materials of primary processing, heavy industry for the production of metal profacilities for the assembly of machines and equipment at the same place.



Location of SEZ is in the immediate vicinity of the border station Altynkol and highway Western Europe - Western China


Use of “a dry port” functions


Use of a single engineering and transport infrastructure


Increasing the market for the goods produced due to the Customs Union market


Granting for rent of the land plot, with the subsequent pre-emption right of reacquisition after expiration of the SEZ legal and economic status


Work in accordance with
«The One Window Principle»


Food products

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Leather and related products

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Products of chemical industry

Other non-metallic mineral products

Fabricated metal products

Machinery and equipment


  • Reduction of CIT at 100% of income from activities, corresponding to the priorities of SEZ;
  • Property tax at the zero rate;
  • VAT at the zero rate when sold on the territory of SEZ goods consumed by members of the SEZ;
  • Exemption from the rental payment for the land plots in the medium term;
  • The customs procedural principle “Free Customs Zone” works in the territory of the SEZ;
  • Product, made with use of foreign goods placed under the customs procedure of the free customs zone by residents, registered in the SEZ prior to 1 January 2012, is recognized as the goods of the Customs Union until 1st of January 2017.


  • Only a legal entity (residents and non-residents) can become a participant
  • The participant must have the financial resources or other liquid assets not withdrawn from circulation in the amount of not less than the cost of a feasibility study for the project
  • The participant may only carry out activities consistent with the priorities of the SEZ only in the territory of the SEZ
  • The participant is forbidden to have separate structural units outside the SEZ
  • Member registration of the SEZ is carried out after providing a package of documents under Article 10
  • Law “About Special Economic Zones in the Republic of Kazakhstan” dated 21/07/2011, No. 469-IV LRK
  • Participant cannot be a legal entity - the subsoil user, organizations producing excisable goods; Organizations applying special tax regimes; organizations who applied investment tax preferences; the organizers of gambling

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